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Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Adolescent Behavioral Health Initiative

The Adolescent Behavioral Health Initiative began in April 2016 and aims to improve access to and accountability for effective behavioral health services for adolescents in Allegheny County who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis.

The initiative is guided by a 40-member advisory community, and funded by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Staunton Farm Foundation, and The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The first phase of the three-year initiative will focus on understanding the problem and creating action plans for years two and three. To understand the problem, JHF is analyzing data from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council database, mapping the continuum of services from crisis to stabilization, collecting stories about families’ experiences getting care for adolescents in a mental health or substance use crisis, and organizing focus groups about families’ and adolescents’ experiences with the continuum of services from crisis to stabilization. A white paper will also be developed to assemble this information and create a roadmap with action plans for advocacy and improvement.

For additional information, please contact Robert Ferguson, JHF Director of Government Grants and Policy, at ferguson@jhf.org.

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