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Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Health Activist Network

The goal of the Health Activist Network is to connect like-minded health professionals who are committed to advancing health reform, patient safety, and quality. The Network will knit together newly-formed groups leveraging an online knowledge management platform, Tomorrow's HealthCareTM to facilitate communication, engagement, collaboration, learning, and concerted action among members of newly formed communities of interest. With a vehicle for a unified voice and concerted action, like-minded health professionals can make substantive changes in quality and safety at the frontline of care and address the policy and educational barriers that inhibit these improvements.

Among other actions, the members of the Health Activist Network will be able to voice their opinions and visions posting relatable stories and profiles of peers who have achieved breakthroughs in quality; ask for help and suggestions from peers for improving practice; share resources, tools, curriculum, and tips for implementing innovations; and weigh in on policy developments and suggest how to advance or reject policies. As a complement to the online Network, a Health Reform Activist Champions program will be created in 2017 to develop and test campaigns aimed at accelerating improvement, safety, and reform within both educational and provider institutions.

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