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Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Operating Arms

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI)

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), an operating arm of JHF, is one of the nation’s first regional collaboratives of medical, business, and civic leaders organized to address healthcare safety and quality improvements.

Since its founding in 1997, PRHI has approached quality improvement as both a social and a business imperative. Its core mission is to show that an unwavering focus on meeting patient needs, and on achieving optimal care outcomes, along with simultaneous dedication to efficiency and zero defects, will create maximum value for the patient and for society.

To achieve its ambitious mission, PRHI developed its own process improvement methodology called Perfecting Patient CareSM (PPC), based on industrial engineering principles articulated by W. Edwards Deming and applied early as the Toyota Production System, later known as Lean manufacturing.

Much of PRHI’s recent work is detailed in the book, Moving Beyond Repair: Perfecting Health Care (March 2012). Moving Beyond Repair is a call for applying lean-based tools to full functionality in hospitals, physician practices, and nursing homes, in order to move beyond targeted problem-solving to transforming the way both organizations and healthcare systems achieve, spread and sustain value. Its goal is to show what’s possible, and to excite health providers to design their own transformations in the combined interest of quality, safety, and efficiency. For more information, visit www.prhi.org.

Health Careers Futures (HCF)

Health Careers Futures' (HCF) mission is to align the supply of and demand for workers in the regional healthcare industry by improving attraction, recruitment, and retention of quality healthcare workers; and by instituting research of relevant healthcare workforce issues. The role of the staff of HCF is to provide clear and accurate information to students, job seekers, and educational and workforce development organizations about health career occupations and defined pathways to enter and advance in these careers.

Health Careers Futures succeeds in its mission by:

  • Convening relevant stakeholders to improve the alignment of training programs and employer requirements
  • Improving attraction, training, placement, and retention of quality healthcare workers
  • Identifying and strengthening health careers and job search pathways
  • Advancing patient safety and quality care curriculum
  • Investigating ways to improve the cost-effectiveness of the health workforce system
  • Developing, gathering, and sharing health workforce data

For more information, visit www.hcfutures.org

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