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Jewish Healthcare Foundation


The trustees of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation continue a tradition of service, stewardship, and progressive thinking begun by those who guided JHF's predecessor, Montefiore Hospital, which was founded by the Jewish community of southwestern Pennsylvania in 1908.

They are leaders in southwestern Pennsylvania's Jewish community, and in the region's community at large, and bring perspectives and expertise from the public, business, non-profit, educational and healthcare sectors.

  • Chair Nancy L. Rackoff, JD
  • Vice Chair David Ehrenwerth, JD
  • Treasurer Louis Plung, CPA
  • Secretary Debra L. Caplan, MPA
  • Judith Lyn Balk, MD, MPH
  • Bern Bernacki, DO, MPH
  • Lenore Blum, PhD
  • Theresa Brown, BSN, RN, PhD
  • Neil A. Busis, MD
  • Ilana Diamond, MBA
  • Carolyn Duronio, JD **
  • Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD **
  • Alan Finkelstein, MD
  • Jeffrey Finkelstein, MA **
  • Martin Gaynor, PhD
  • Michael H. Ginsberg, JD
  • I. William Goldfarb, MD
  • Debbie Graver, MBA
  • Alan R. Guttman, JD **
  • Evan Indianer
  • Steven D. Irwin, JD
  • Ellen Kessler
  • Carl Krasik, JD
  • James B Lieber, Esq.
  • Mildred E. Morrison, MPM
  • Anne Newman, MD, MPH
  • Elliott Oshry
  • Paul M. Paris, MD, FACEP, LLD (Hon)
  • Robert A. Paul *
  • Neil M. Resnick, MD
  • Samuel Reynolds, MD
  • Donald M. Robinson *
  • Daniel Rosen, PhD, MSW
  • Richard Rosen, JD **
  • Joel M. Rosenthal, CPA, CVA
  • Cynthia Shapira, MPA **
  • Frederick S. Sherman, MD
  • Patricia L. Siger
  • Richard S. Simon *
  • Bradley D. Stein, MD, PhD, MPH
  • Elizabeth Surma, MPH
  • * Life Trustees
    ** Ex Officio
Programs & Projects